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Track GPS

In the near future, we will provide you with more information on the course of the various stages. In addition to the tracks allowing navigation with the use of GPS devices, we will present the location of buffets, sections running on singles, special places to which attention will be drawn (steep descents, technical sections, etc.). We will also try to prepare maps with marked points of particular interest for fans.

Recommended equipment

  • Bike! Tested, in a very good technical condition
  • Bicycle shoes dedicated to MTB
  • The right outfit for the weather
  • Helmet
  • Active mobile phone
  • Camelback backpack / beverage bottles
  • Energy Gels / Power bars
  • Pump, inner tube, spoon or pump to use a CO2 cartridge.
  • Multi-tool tools

Technical Service

As part of the entry fee, each competitor may use a neutral bicycle service, which will be located depending on the competitors' driving time and the course of the route - at the first or second buffet. Mechanics will have most of the spare parts at their disposal, but all unusual and fast-wearing components should be carried by the participant.


On the route there will be points offering energy snacks, isotonic drinks, fresh and dried fruit. Each participant using our "petrol station" will have the opportunity to flood the bottles and "camelback" backpacks, replenish energy shortages and take additional portions of food for the rest of the stage. In addition, each buffet will be equipped with basic bicycle tools, a pump and inner tubes.

Medical and Rescue Points

The race is operated by an experienced medical team. Rescuers move along the course of the race and ambulances are located at key locations in each stage. Nevertheless, we count on your help if you are a witness or a victim of an accident. Have a mobile phone with you with the possibility to quickly dial our emergency number +48 798 671 871 (will be active during the competition).

Time measurement

The results and driving time of each competitor will be available on the website during each stage (live) and after the end of each stage. In addition, there will be checkpoints located on the route, giving additional possibility to analyze the time of the ride, or to track the participants in front of a computer monitor.
Despite the time measurement you do not have to give in to the pressure of competition. You can take off only to experience a great adventure on the interesting and secured MTB routes.
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