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Where is the party located?
Stronie Śląskie - the heart of the Sudetes. The location of the base of the event is located in Stronie Śląskie. You can easily get here on the A4 motorway and national road No. 8. The location makes it easy to get there even from the other end of the world. Efficient access by motorways and national roads from international airports in Wroclaw (100km), Prague (200km), Dresden (350km) and Warsaw (450km) will facilitate travel from afar. Of course, we can help you organize the transfer from the airport to Stronie Śląskie (and back) and support you in your journey from even the farthest corners of the world. We have a lot of experience in this.
Weather during the competition.
The middle of spring and mountainous terrain never give 100% guarantee of stable weather. However, our observations of this region over the last 3 years allow us to assume good weather and temperatures of about 20 degrees Celsius on the date of the event.
Is the accommodation included in the registration fee?
Accommodation is a paid and supported option. We give you the opportunity and help you to find comfortable and suitable accommodation for you at the event. Details of all accommodation options will be available in the near future in the "For Participants" section or at:
Can the accompanying person use the options available for the participants?
Absolutely. We can individually determine the cost and the extent to which the accompanying person will want to use the additional options offered by us, such as accommodation, cycling costumes or travel support.
Do you also organize other MTB events?
Mouflon Tracks is our youngest child. He has two older siblings. A 5-day, more difficult technical Sudetes MTB Challenge race and a 4-day MTB Trophy race that requires a lot of fitness.
Will the roads be closed during the race?
No. The race is held in the open traffic with the assecuration from the organizer so that you can feel our support and safety. No sections of trails or roads are specially closed or deactivated for the duration of our event. We ask you to maintain safety and respect for other road users and mountain trails. 
I want to come to the party alone and I have no outside support. Can I manage?
Don't be afraid. A party is not just about routes and racing. We are here to help you solve every "racing" problem. Medical protection, buffets on the track, service support on the stages and in the race town. Packages: regeneration, bike service, accommodation or transfers. All of this has been tested on our other races for over 20 years and will be available and customized for you on "Mouflon Tracks".
Which bike will be suitable for "Mouflon Tracks"?
That's a question for anyone who wants to face a real mountain stage. "Mouflon Tracks is a specific event that does not favour one type of bike. Probably an enduro machine is too much for these routes. Specific, smooth, single-track routes will make the lightweight trail bike, full XC or even hardtail work perfectly here. As usual, adjustable saddlepole will not hurt, but just on the local routes will not be indispensable.
What should I take with me on the road?
Despite a lot of attractions that we are preparing for "Mouflon Tracks", the routes themselves certainly do not count among the murderous. Despite a less uncompromising approach to looking for the limits of your abilities, we recommend that each participant should have with him or her:
  • clothes adjusted to the weather forecast
  • 1 to 1,5 litres of isotonic drink
  • a few energy gels/batons
  • multitool with the tools you need to keep your bike running smoothly
  • your own pump and spare tubes
  • a fully charged mobile phone
Don't just rely on buffets and service areas located on stage routes!
Which service is available at the start/finish line?
After each stage there will be a regeneration buffet, a bicycle wash point and a bike service waiting for you. If you have a problem or question, we will also be available to help you and answer it. Additionally, contact us via Massenger ( or WhatsApp (emergency phone number +48 798 671 871).
Is the race available for cyclists of all levels?
The "Mouflon Tracks" is designed for those who begin their adventure with stage races. The level of difficulty of the tracks, their length and the number of overheads make it possible to think about completing this stage race even for those who have recently raced a mountain bike. Despite this, we are realizing the assumptions about the specific character of the "Mouflon Tracks" routes. Finally, they will make even a seasoned MTB cyclist fully satisfied after defeating them.
Is time measured during the race?
Of course. The results and driving time of each competitor will be available in the competition town and on the website of our event after the end of each stage of the race.
Despite the time measurement you do not have to give in to the pressure of competition. You can start only to experience a great adventure on the interesting and secured MTB routes.
Is the race protected by paramedics?
The race is operated by an experienced medical team. Rescuers move along the course of the race and ambulances are located in key locations of each stage. Nevertheless, we count on your help if you are a witness or a victim of an accident. Keep your mobile phone with you so if you're gonna need help you could quickly dial our emergency number +48 798 671 871
Can I count on you to help me repair my bike during the race?
Of course. We have been using the same – the best mechanics on our MTB races for years. During each day of racing they will be available in a critical area of the route to provide you with immediate and free mechanical assistance. After the completion of the stage they can take care of your equipment as part of the previously purchased service package or solve a specific problem with the equipment at once. Repairs and service after the stage and all spare parts are paid for on a commercial basis. Mechanics have a lot of standard spare parts at their disposal, but all unusual and fast-wearing bike components should be carried by the participant.
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