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Mouflon Tracks Routes

The first real "Big Gun" from Mouflon


At the beginning we have tried and tested roads for you, which will take you to the right place in the stake. Ride "from behind" to Czarna Góra, and on its slope from the side of Międzygórze - the moment of the first attempt at a natural, smooth descent. Return to the top of Czarna Góra - here awaits the first real "Big Gun" from Mufflon. We "raft" to the vicinity of the lower station of the "Luxtorpeda" ski lift from where we climb to the picturesque, technical trail known from the 1st stage of the Sudety MTB Challenge, located under the peak of Śnieżnik. A few kilometres of rest and the last single attack of the day. The "Rudka Loop" in its best part leads us to the finish line in Stronie Śląskie.
EDITION 2022 - in preparation

GPX Track 2021, Stage 1, distance Classic - download .gpx track
GPX Track 2021, Stage 1, distance Lite - download .gpx track

Mouflon 2021 - etap 1

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pobrane 22
Gigantic number of profiled turns, bends, soft jumps ...


We start from Lądek Zdrój, and right after the start you will be welcomed by a few kilometers of the ascent to the stretch of the peloton. It is worth to taking care of the appropriate speed, because already at the 6th kilometer we will drive into a single, which interwined with not too long sections of gravel and forest roads, will lead us to the finish line. A gigantic number of profiled turns, bends, delicate jumps and bridges. The constant changes in the rhythm will make even the less well trained bikers swallow all of the kilometers and elevations in the blink of an eye. You will see all the best and most characteristic features of Singletrack Glacensis - an amazing, powerful project of MTB singles surrounding the key tourist destinations of Kłodzko Valley.

EDITION 2022 - in preparation

GPX Track 2021, Stage 2, distance Classic - download .gpx track
GPX Track 2021, Stage 2, distance Lite - download .gpx track
Mouflon 2021 - etap 2

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FLOW MONSTER from the Black Summit

Singletrack Glacensis will take over the last day of the race again. The uphill section of "The Rudek Loop" will teleport us again to Czarna Góra. But don't be afraid, there will be no boredom. A piece of uphill dirt will only allow you to warm up well before the replay, which will certainly not disappoint anyone - the flagship "Flow Monster" from the summit of Czarna! Who didn't do well on the first day will surely do well today. The element of competition on a winding, breathtaking but predictable single is something you will not meet at any other event in Poland. The opportunity to ride at a racing pace and repeat such a long artificially profiled descent is an experience that one cannot find anywhere else in vain. Farewell to the first edition of "Muflon Tracks" will take place in the driveway with serpentines straight from Whistler. But it's not Whistler! It is "Pętla Stronie Śląskie", which will give you a crazy, super smooth ride to the finish line in Stronie Śląskie. Hasta la vista, baby!

EDITION 2022 - in preparation

GPX Track 2021, Stage 3, distance Classic -  download .gpx track

GPX Track 2021, Stage 3, distance Lite- download .gpx track

Mouflon 2021 - etap 3

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